Common Threads Clothing Exhange

The idea is you bring clothes in that do not want and take home clothes you do want.

I decided to take in a dress from when I was bridesmaid to my sister. I don’t like the colour. I paid to get it dry cleaned after the wedding 10years ago. Then wore it again for my work Christmas party in 2008. I think that is it. It probably does not fit now. Unfortunately not clean as should have been, but took it anyway and hopefully that can be sorted and it is a posh frock.

You pay £4 to go in. I also took a pencil skirt, had for years but, not worn for years as the slit at the back split. I tried to sew it up, but did not get it right and then at the back, it stuck out strangely. There was a repairs table the lady unpicked then put in some loose big stitches to show me where to stitch. I will have a go! I would have paid £5 to get it fixed as marks and Spencer skirt so not cheap.

As well as mending advice, considering only took in one item, came away with a bag full of clothes.

A couple of winter work skirts. Need to try and lose weight to wear them before winter, othwerwise got to donate them back.

A top predominately my team’s colours; claret and blue. With bonus of a splash of yellow.

A boob tube with sunflowers. Difficult one to wear a bra with as strapless and cut out detail at the back.

A simple t-shirt, with just a little embellishment on shoulders.

A light weight denim blouse.

Finally a paraolympic t-shirt; thought could maybe wear for World Cup.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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