End PJ Paralysis Campaign in run up to 70th anniversary of NHS

There is a campaign in the run  up to the 70th anniversary of NHS to get patients up out of hospital beds.  It is felt patients are more likely to get up if they are wearing own clothes. I think psychological being in pyjamas makes you feel lazy /like you are a patient and therefore ill, when sometimes to get better you need to be motivating self more. It is sad how many older people go into hospital and are never as active afterwards or who die shortly afterwards. For example, fracture can cause them to be immobile for a time then general health declines.

According to the newspaper article in this post.

“Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals have also quoted a study from 2009 which says an average hospital patient in their 70s spends only approximately 43 minutes per day out of bed.

According to the hospitals, failure to recover this strength can mean the difference between living independently or requiring ongoing help and care.

The End PJ Paralysis Campaign says there are other advantages for patients to get up and get dressed which include enhancing patient dignity, helping people to maintain their sense of identity, boosts in mental health and wellbeing, encouraging independence and making the most of precious time.”

Staff at Frimley Park, Ashford and St Peter’s hospitals have been supporting the cause from getsurrey – News https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/surrey-hospital-staff-support-end-14546869

via Surrey hospital staff support End PJ Paralysis Campaign – by working in their pyjamas! — Surrey Enterprise Business School

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