Snooker and the winter gardens 2016

The Winter Garden’s turns into the studio for snooker coverage. There is a table on set. Between tv coverage members of public get to play. Once I got to see darts player Wayne Mardle play on the table. I have seen presenters Hazel Irvine and John Parrot on the table in Winter Gardens.

I last saw snooker 2years ago. While I was watching snooker on table in Winter gardens someone said they had to leave afternoon session to catch a train, so they gave me their tickets. I saw the end of Baird vs Selby.

Earlier that year in the tournament on the day saw darts player Wayne Mardle saw, Ricky Walton vs snooker player Robbie William’s.

I saw the first of the herd of elephants during the 2016 tournament. It arrived ahead of the rest of the herd because it was snooker themed.

At the same time the swing ‘thing’ was in town. I was a little obsessed by it and took lots of pictures of it from all over town.

For more Sheffield pictures including pictures from the transformation, this year into snooker city, see Steel City Static blog. The post below shows a presenter in winter gardens; presumably between shooting and not when live on tv!

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