Which penguin classic is for you?

Follow this link to take the test!


My answers


Dark city streets


Flirting and dancing at a party.


From humble beginnings


A remote island


To find romance.

Match 1

These answers matched me with: Great expectations by Charles Dickens. I have not previously got very far, with Dickens.

Match 2

I did the quiz again and by changing answer to Q1 to a big house, I got Great Gatesby by Scot Fitzgerald. I really enjoyed an immersive theatre experience, I had of Great Gatesby. I have just stated reading, Tender is the night by Scot Fitzgerald for book club, therefore his I find that depends how whether, I would read Great Gatesby.


I’m not sure classics are for me; they are probably set in an earlier time frame than I prefer. I prefer books set in First World War, onwards.

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