Ramblers Cultural Day Part 2: Black men walking

I went with the Sheffield 20s and 30s walking group, to see this play about a walking group.

On entry; we were told; it is 1 hour 20, with no interval, once you are in you can not leave which was sounded more severe than the usual there is no interval and if you leave there is no reassurance. Those words seemed ominous when the play started by one character performing some type of figurative dance and then poetry. However, there was not 1 hour 20 of dancing to interpret. The walking group was relatable as a group brought together to walk; leaving their lives to share a day’s adventure. Similarities and differences, emerge as the group meets and walks; race, sex, age, music and football. A group bound with a shared purpose, a battle against the elements.

The play has some humorous moments. It was produced by the Eclipse a charity theatre group in Sheffield. This was there first new black theatre play, but apparently they are aiming for more. They also produce radio plays and films. Apparently there is a play on radio 4 next week Part of the Revolution mix series.


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