John Lewis pay gap report and some examples of what impacts the pay gap

John Lewis has publically published a report regarding their pay gap. The figures staring men are paid higher than women, is not the full story but, the release of these figures isa useful starting point for discussions. A few of examples in this report that contribute to the gap.

  • More men than women at senior levels; although a woman is at the very top of John Lewis. The report states the gap, could be quickly closed if they employed more men at junior levels, but that would be missing the point. Instead it is about supporting women to become more senior if that is what they want. One thing m, I feel is that women do not necessarily want the seniority as it does not fit in with what they want for family life. I have heard women say they favour flexibility over more pay. But, are women so overly grateful for flexity that they do not value themselves enough? I have seen working for a part time wage juggle fulltime hours by working after putting their children to bed.
  • Variations in market rates of pay across functions can lead to discrepancy if different genders not equally represented. For example JL more men than women in IT.
  • As work attracts a premium if more men than women work at night, this can lead to a discrepancy. In the report it states 75% of John Lewis night workers are male. Again women may be choosing not to work nights.

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