How much does the cover influence books read?

Check out this post for Belgian reviewer to compare different covers of the same book.

I have recently read the Child by Fiona Barton. Based on that, I would read another with her name on. When I read the child, I saw a poster in the train station and next day the book was in a charity shop for £1, so I bought it. Do not think the cover designs are great they are very bland.

Out of two for Widow would choose the White.

I have read Big little lies and love Liane Moriety books. Can not remember, which cover I had.

The Tattooist of Austwich sounds interesting based upon the title.

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2 thoughts on “How much does the cover influence books read?”

  1. Thank you for the mention! I think book covers are pretty important as I want the whole package.. an attractive cover and blurb. If I don’t have one of these then I’m less inclined to pick up a novel and a cover is the first thing you see so better be good :-).

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