If we were having coffee ☕️ Sheffield coffee revolution (Sheffield university)

So we are here at Coffee Revolution within Sheffield University. They do some great sundaes.

If we were having coffee ☕️Would this sundae tempt you? It is Oreo sundae. It had strawberry, marshmallow and Oreo on a stick. Oodles of cream on top of chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreo. Then vanilla ice cream.

If we were having coffee ☕️If you are late, I can do some colouring whilst I wait; they have free colouring in sheets and crayons, by the till. I like the cup and saucer.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would point out the light fitting as my Mum has been trying to think of a solution to a lightening issue and this kind of thing could work.

She is not sure if ultimately, wires everyone would annoy her. What do you think of the wires on display and making a feature of different light bulbs? It is also very fashionable at the moment. I need light fittings for hallway. Thinking of a copper one to reflect light possibly with one of the large trendy light bulbs, like in the above. Hopefully not too expensive so when hues out of fashion / I go off it, can change cheaply.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would ask, what you thought diggers outside windows were doing.

If we were having coffee ☕️

I would say hardly, ever been in Sheffield Union as I went to Sheffield Hallam. I have been in Sheffield union: once before uni when came for an open day, once at Uni to see Badly Drawn Boy, once last year for a conference and once for coffee (hot chocolate). I like it, I want to go back!

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4 thoughts on “If we were having coffee ☕️ Sheffield coffee revolution (Sheffield university)”

  1. I have sadly never tried the sundaes at Coffee Revolution but your post has now tempted me to! I have tried the hot chocolate there before and it is delightful.

    ~ to be honest, I don’t even think the builders know what they are doing anymore. They have been at it for so long!

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