Big Bang and Femnism

I have never got that much, into Big Bang. But recently, watched quite a few days as on E4. I have not seen latest series, so there are no spoilers in here!

The two main things I do not like, are:

  1. Bernadette’s squeaky voice.
  2. The premise scientists are geeky and can not also be fun, pretty, handsome. In contrast non scientists are pretty, blonde air heads.

That being said, I have enjoyed an episode, I have recently watched. Bernadette is feeling torn about leaving newborn daughter to return to work. She wants to set, her daughter a good example and work. She want’s to continue career started. But she does not want to leave infant daughter and only see her briefly at bad time. She feels bad about what she thinks and does not want to admit it. I think this is very relatable. When she tells Howie, I think his response is wise. He basically shows empathy, by not trying to solve problem and says he does not know right decision either. But he says whatever decision made, it is reversible and their daughter will not remember.

In last couple of days, I have also watched an episode where the guys are thinking of ways to encourage female scientists. One possibility discussed is blinded peer review of research papers to prevent discrimination of women. However, they then decide to go into schools to encourage girls. However, they bore the girls. Sheldon then gets the idea of getting Amy and Bernadette on the phone to talk to the girls. Amy and Bernadette are at the time, having a princess make over at Disneyland. As they talk they do not reveal they are dressed as princesses. Whilst I think women can do more than be princesses; I think dressing in dresses and pink can be combined with being a scientist.

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