Mr and Mrs Smith

Not being a film buff, I have come really late to this one. It came out 13 years ago in 2005. In that time Jolie and Pitt, have had time to get together, separate and have how many children together? I recorded it, when I saw it was on tv the other night.

Th trailer basically, tells you that they are both secret agents, that get pitted against each other, but I think it takes a long time to get to this point in the film (at least through 2 ad breaks), by that time I had lost the thread a bit). I was quite intrigued by the start, where they were in couples therapy. Not been a fan of action films, it is no surprise I did not like those parts.

Have you watched Mr and Mrs Smith? Recently, or in 2005?

Spoiler alert

At one point, I felt some suspense when it was unclear whether they were going to stop trying to kill each other and be together. But then once got together, it just seemed to go on and on.

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