Chesterfield morning


Chesterfield is 10mins by train from Sheffield. Before 10am is not a good time to go to Chesterfield. The eye which, I had come to go on, did not open until 10am. The museum did not open untill 10am.

Whilst I waited I had a sausage sandwich in Marks and Spencer’s, shopped in Primark and Boyes. I like Boyes stores, they stock a random selection of stuff for cheap prices. Including specialist ranges like haberdashery, if I want to buy a feather, it is Boyes, I would think of to go to.

The eye

I was ready to get on the eye at 10am, but no one was allowed on until 10.20. There was quite a few people, waiting by the time it opened.

I was one of the first on. I was wearing my Lucy Locket flamingo leggings. In Boyes I bought flamingo socks and put them on as I could not wear my other flamingo socks as they were waiting to be washed.

The crooked spire

The eye is only in Chesterfield until Sunday 11th March. It will then leave behind Chesterfield’s most famous landmark; the crooked steeple.

Why is it crooked?

In the churchyard there is a carved bee.

I think font’s are fascinating; to think of all the babies christened in them.

In the church there is a prayer tree.

The end

Apparently you can do tours of the tower but, there was not any today. So by 5 to 11 it was time to head back to the bright lights of Sheffield.

At the train station there is a statue of George Stevenson.

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