International women’s day 8th Mar 2018: Balancing Work and Children

From my experience, at school many topics were not covered therefore I’m planning a careers events, so we can discuss our experiences. One topic which was not addressed was balancing working with having children. Below are some thoughts I have. Does anyone else have other thoughts?

If if both parents or a solo parent works fulltime. It takes juggling! It is not easy, especially when unexpected things happen and they regularly do, like an ill child disrupting normal childcare arrangements or school holidays so child not cared for by school.

In the UK women have to take 2 weeks off following the birth of a child. They can then return to work. Or either parent is entitled to 9months statuary pay from the government. The parent can then take a further 3 months unpaid and be guaranteed their job. The parent’s company may add to the statutory pay. In the UK it is still the female that takes more of the leave than the man.

The following post, details a couple of women’s career.

The post above talks about how nurses used to be men. Today, in the UK it, is very different. I was on a course yesterday called ‘understanding cancer and it’s treatment’ there was mostly nurses there, a couple of physios and one holistic therapist and they were all women.

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