Japanese Girls Don’t Die

This was part of Japanese season, at the Showroom.

Japan 🇯🇵 Season in Sheffield

I’m not a big film fan, although this was the first of three films, that I’m watching this week. One thing that, I find about films, is they can be very one dimensional. You have a few central characters and they seem to have very few friends and family in their life as everyone in the film has a role. Whereas Japanese Girl’s Don’t Die was richer because there were surplus characters. As I tend to see the big blockbusters then the films, I watch, do lack diversity therefore it was good to see a film set in a different culture. It was in Japanese with English subtitles. I also liked that it had a couple of sub plots and themes. One theme was about graffiti artists (which I’m interested in) and their Work becoming viral. Another theme was about sexism. There were scenes about women being paid less than male colleagues and facing harassment. Also there was scenes about Japanese school girls beating up vulnerable men who were on their own.

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