Round up following World Book Day blog party 🎉 🎉 🎉

Thank you, all who made it truely global.

It was a quiet type of party; we curled up with hot drinks and our books.

Thank you Chelia (Pink for days blog) for your support this week including reblogging the party and your contributions. Chelia was in Portugal, drinking mocha latte and is currently reading Breaking Waves by Kerry Lonsdale and is eagerly waiting for the relase of Kerry Lonsdale’s next book, called Everything We Give. As I bought two cookbooks yesterday, Chelia has inspired me to take the cook book out of my Amazon backet, which is wating to be checked out and instead put a Kerry Lonsdale in. Chelia was dressed in period costume like a character from a Jane Austen novel.

Bex was in the West midlands, UK and was reading The Little Café in Copenhagon by Julie caplin, which looks like a heart warming gentle story to read. Bex was not dressed up herself but, her son made a very cute Harry Potter. Rex’s son dressed as HP

Wednesday’s chid was in Manchester, UK and was drinking milky tea and eating cheese on toast. She is reading the female man by Joanna Russ. To mark world book day, Wednesday’s Child had written a great post in praise of libraries: Wednesday’s Child

Elsie LMC was in Ireland, snowed in, wearing two dressing gowns and feeling like a character in Narnia. She has just finished reading Murder on the Orient express by Agatha Christie. She has previously only read, one other Agatha Christie; the body; however would like ot read more.

Angela (Life of Angela blog) made all of us feeling cold jealous as she was in sunny New Zealand. For Angela it was 2nd Mar rather than 1Mar and she was getting ready for work. Whilst I had left work early due to snow and was cozy inside with hot chocolate; life swings in rounabouts; you win some; you lose some.

At the virtual party, I was dressed as the butterfly 🦋, the hungry catapiller turns into. Would it not be great, if that was how real life worked; you stuffed your face, slept for a while then turned into a beautiful butterfly 🦋

In reality, I was in Starbucks in Sheffield. I tried a red tea latte, but did not like it. I then had two hot chocolates. I flickered through the new Delia Smith books I bought on my way to Starbucks and read other’s posts in honour of world book day. My friend arrived about 6 and we had a catch up then went to the theatre to watch Chicken Soup.

Chicken Soup at Sheffield’s Crucible Soup until Saturday 3rd March

VOTE NOW for the winner of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge!

Red Apple Tea Latte, Starbucks

Happy World book day from Starbucks in snowy Sheffield

Bullet Journal: March challenges

February Summary

Spending Christmas Amazon voucher on World book day

A good day! Thank you all. Apologies to those I have not mentioned who were reading and observing at the party. You all have great blogs which are worth checking out!

Life of Angela

Elsie LMC

Pink for Days


Wednesday’s Child

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