The Royal Family and me


I  was not born when Charles and Diana married. I’m not old enough to remember Prince Andrew’s and Sarah’s wedding, I can not remember there being much fuss about Prince Edward and Sophie’s wedding. I can remember newspaper coverage the next day of Philip and Zara’s wedding. I can remember newspaper coverage around Charles and Camilla’s wedding. The Queen Mother died about a week before Charles wedding. I heard about the Queen’s Mother’s death on the radio whilst I was at the petrol station at Asda Scunthorpe. The BBC suspended it’s schedule for the night and instead showed programmes in tribute.

I can vividly remember Diana’s death.

Wonderwall: Summer 1997; 20 years ago.

There was a public holiday for Prince William’s wedding so that in it memorable. However I barely saw any tv coverage live as I was in the car on the way up to the Lakes for the weekend. I wish could have started Day in final destination of Keswick as there was a screen in front of Moot Hall; I think the atmosphere would have been good. In retrospect I feel, I missed out; therefore I would like to watch Prince Harry’s forthcoming wedding to Meghan Markle on 19th May 2018.

I have seen the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace, a few times. I have been inside Buckingham palace once. Buckingham palace only opens to the public during August; I highly recommend a visit.

I have seen the Queen twice. The first time during her jubilee year, I saw her and Prince Philip when they visited Scunthorpe. The second time was unplanned; I stumbled on the Queen presenting awards in Trafalger square.

I always watch the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. I recently saw an interesting documentary called the Coronation to mark 65 years since the coronation. I recommend trying to find it on BBC iPlayer. The Queen appeared in it. It was the most informal conversation I have seen her in; the Christmas address is very formal and when she is on public engagements you never really hear what she says. The programme included her talking about wearing the crowns and looking at the heavily jewelled crowns. At one point she was asked, what her children at the time Charles and Anne did on the day and she said ‘I have no idea. I was not with them’.

Some think the monarchy is archaic and should be abolished. I’m currently in the middle of a book by Sue Townsend; called Queen Camilla which imagines the monarchy has been abolished. I like having the monarchy; it represents so much history. Tax payers money does fund the family but the Royal Family rarely gets raises in money received so they are budgeting. I think they must draw millions of tourists to the UK. I think they are beneficial in terms of relationships with other countries.

What do you think of the UKs 🇬🇧 monarchy?

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