2 royal weddings in 2018 both at the same location: Harry and Meghan and Eugene and Jack

Harry and Meghan are due to marry at St George’s chapel on 19th May and Harry’s cousin Eugene will marry there on a date to be announced in Autumn 2018.

Prince Harry’s Wedding Date

Eugene is the Queen’s granddaughter. Her Father is the Queen’s second oldest son; Prince Andrew and her Mother is Sarah Ferguson. She is marrying Jack Brooksbank.

Princess Andrew and Sarah Fergusson Wedding

Eugene’s outfits at previous weddings:


As bridesmaid with her sister Beatrice at the wedding of her former nanny.

At her cousin Philip’s wedding.

At her cousin’s William’s wedding in blue, with her sister Beatrice.

At her cousin Zara’s wedding.

In 2017 at Pippa Middletown’s wedding; who is Prince William’s wife Kate’s sister.

When a royal male marry’s they wear military uniform. As Jack is not royal, he will wear some type of suit. I have written posts about what women have worn at previous royal weddings.

The Queen’s Mother wedding

The Queen’s wedding

Charles and Diana

Charles and Camilla Wedding

Prince Edward and Sophie’s WeddingPhilip and Autumn WeddingPrince William and Kate’s weddingZara and Mike’s wedding


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