London Day Trip 20th Jan 2018 Part 2: Arrival, Granary Square, Reagent Canal and the House of Illustration

I had never been to the area around Reagent canal/ Granary Square before, but it is only 5minutes from Kings Cross / St Pancreas and it’s area worth remembering.

The canal is meant to be a lovely place to walk on a sunny day. But it is not a sunny day, it is a grey, wet, January day.

Also for a sunny day like the sound of Ruby Violet ice creams (for future reference it is between Waitrose and the House of illustrations.

I scoped our some of Lumere sites for later.

I went in the House of Illustrations; it did not take long to get round. I went round twice to try and get more value out of £8.25 entry fee and because when I went in my phone battery was flat, but the ladies at the entrance was letting me charge. When I collected my phone which was 18% charged the lady mentioned, I should get a portable charger; I remembered I have a portable charger which not used yet but would be perfect for days out.

The house of illustrations had a gallery dedicated to Quentin Blake who I most found my think of because he illustrated Roald Dahl books.

After the House of Illustrations, I thought about going to a the canal museum but that was £5 so I decided to leave for a day when had more time / had not already spent £8.25 on a museum. Another reason to revisit the area after the Lumere festival tonight is that a old building is being restored to create a shopping centre. But not a mall; independent artisan shops, I imagine it to be like the shops around Camden; it is to be called Coal Drops and due to open October 2018.

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