A day in the life 25.12.17

00:00 As the bell chimes midnight  signalling the end of 24th December and the start of 25th December I was in the church at midnight mass to hear the bells.

00:45 arrived home and went to bed. Read a bit of Christmas book.


08:00 -09:00 Woke about 8am when heard parents up. Dozed for a while, got up at 9. Dressed in Christmas Robin t-shirt, denim dress and red tights. Was already wearing Christmas earrings and nails.

The nails were from Primark reduced from £2 to £1. I first stuck them on Thursday night. By Saturday night had only 2 left. Yesterday (Christmas eve / Sunday stuck then all back on). This morning caught right thumb on bathroom door handle so stuck it back on as dressed.

I tore page off calendar my sister bought me last year.

09:15 Went downstairs. Boiled kettle and poured water on tea bag and grilled a muffin. Ate a muffin with blackcurrent jam then a scotch pancake with golden syrup.  Drank 2 small glasses of fresh orange.

09:30 moved into living room with camomile tea. Checked phone and started writing this post. My brother got up about 10:00 he came downstairs whilst girlfriend was in shower.

10:40 opened presents.

11:00-12:30 Dad drove us all to my sisters and back so we could see her and my nephew and niece.

12.30 back at my parents but new Noel Gallagher album on that I opened earlier.

13:30 apperative of red martini.

14:00 Christmas dinner. Started with scampi salad then on to the turkey. I just had a little bit of turkey as not my favourite bit. My favourite bit is devils in horseback (sausage meat wrapped in bacon). Also had stuffing, mash potatoe, roast potatoe, carrot, peas, sprouts, apple sauce, bread sauce and gravy. Drank red wine . Then Christmas pudding and brandy sauce. Cheese and biscuits. Then mints and liquors. I had creame Catalan which is similar to baileys. Then a white creamy liquor my brother had bought back from Spanish holiday.

15.55 watched Queen’s speech, which was broadcast at 15:00 whilst we were still at the table. My brother and his girlfriend left after we had watched the speech, to go to her parents.

16:15 – 16:30. Loading  dishwasher.

16.30 we were meant to be going for a walk, my Dad and I sat on sofa to wait for my Mum. My Dad flicked on Carry on Camping. My Mum ended up sitting down with us, so we never got out for a walk.

Next we had strictly on at about 6. I unloaded dishwasher during it, so missed who won.

About 7 watched Call the Midwife.

9:00 put Victoria on. It was 2 hours long. I flicked through tv paper and found a crossword at the back. My Mum grew interested in it after Victoria she helped with some clues. Did not get it finished but decided best go to bed.

11:45  Read some more of Christmas book.

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