Christmas Gift’s from Sheffield 2017

Santa is coming to Sheffield book

I bought this booked for my nephew and niece a few years ago, I then wanted to get it for my friend’s Sheffield boy but; the shop did not have it. I was delighted to find it for him in the Millenuim gallery shop before Christmas. It has beautiful illustrations and mentions Sheffield places.

Sheffield food hamper

I compiled a Sheffield food hamper from my parents as Sheffield has lots of breweries and they like beer, it’s predominately beer.

I got these after tour of Senitnal Brewary. 

I got all these from Sheffield beer shop in Moor market.

Unfortunately the lid came off one of the bottles, so lost that brewery’s beer and made some of the labels a bit tatty.

The other problem I had was I had wanted to get a cheese, that has started to be made in 2017 in Kelham Island from our cow Molly cheese, but  they had sold out.

From Millenuim Gallery Sheffield, I bought honey from Dungworth farm and Simpson’s sweets that are made in Hillsborough.

I bought Henderson’s relish from a local supermarket.

I bought chocolate from Cocoa where I go for book club.

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