Christmas Lighthouse book

I have found another book about a lighthouse.

Lighthouse Books

Earlier in the year, I reblogged various posts about lighthouses after I read To the Lighthouse by Virgina Woolfe. I think lighthouse are quirky, romantic but on the other hand dark, eerie, isolated places and with the history as part of dramatic perils of the sea events a interesting focal point for books. I also read Kiss River this year by Diane Chamberlain which is centred around a lighthouse.

To the Lighthouse

Kiss river

When I bought the book, I did not really realise it was set around a lighthouse. It was the Christmas aspect that grabbed my attention … and the £4 sticker on a brand new book!

I don’t know think it is going to be dark and eerie. I possible may find it too twee but hopefully it will be light and jolly and make me feel Christmassy.


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