November Summary


Fifth Letter

The fifth letter by Nicola Moriety. This is a good book for Oct / November as it features 4 Scorpio women.

Truely Madly Guilty by Liane Mariety. A easy to read layered book.

My Brillent Friend. It is not a book with much action but interesting, read as explores jealousy between friends.

My Brillent Friend By Elena Ferrante First Impressions and QUESTION: When should character list be read? (No spoilers)


Bad Moms

Bad Mom’s Christmas

Coming up in December

After my birthday in November, it is my blog’s birthday in December. During advent there will be Blogmass posts; a post a day:

End of year posts.

Christmas related posts.

Cafe Nero Salted Caramel

Starbucks Hot Chocolate  fudge flavoured and Chocolate Christmas loaf

Monday walk a mile in my shoes posts

Cookery book posts.

My cookery books

My cookery books: The Henderson Relish Cookbook


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