Books for living alone based upon an article in today’s metro.

The main focus of this article in today’s metro was the book Live alone and Like it by Majorie Hillis. But other books are also mentioned. Wild by Cheryl Strayed is mentioned  below; but  Timy Beautiful Things which sounds like has a similar theme has previously been recommended to me but, I have not read it. Anyone recommend or otherwise any of the books below?
The article featured some tips from the book Live alone and Like it.

Definitely you can end up feeling down by cooking ‘full’ meals and wearing scruffy clothes and you do need company in life.

Interesting hobbies to do at home, that could make being home alone more bearable. I think I need more hosting practice. I love not being at home and travelling! Joining group holidays is a great compromise as get some alone time but, also company for example at meal times.

After reading and reviewing Wolf’s to the lighthouse recently; not sure fancy another of hers.

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