Kool Kelham Island: Krinkle and Stew and Oyster 

Redevelopment work has been ongoing in Kelham for several years. It was an industrial area that had in parts fallen into disrepair. There is still work to be done with streets deeper into the estate being delapilated and the more immediate ones in part being building sites.

However various trendy outlets are opening alongside the traditional ale pubs.


This is a bar at the top of a stack of containers. It is open air and theoretically forms a terrace but the; container sides are high up so not easy to see out. Bit of a novelty which will fade as gets cooler! Seems popular with smokers because can smoke there which puts me off. Fairy lights added ambience

The bar for buying drinks across;  is high up so bar staff towered over. There was two members of staff and as cocktails were encouraged there could be await at the bar.

The toilets felt very basic.

Stu and Oyster

This is to the left of the restored Green Lane work’s entrance, sleek with lots of glass.

Behind Stew and Oyster and the Green Lane entrance building work continues.

I first visited Stu and Oyster after Krinkle on Saturday 7th October. We had originally been planning to go to Peddler’s market the monthly food market, but my friend said there was a length queue to get in. Stu and Oyster and the area around it , was bustling that night. Not sure that is the case on non Peddler market nights.

The interior is bright and light. Rustic wooden chairs and tables. A couple of sofas and some strange looking stool seats!

I returned on a lunchtime. There were several other customers.

I had stew and oyster for £6.50. There were two oysters in the stew. Good fresh bread. Good for a lunchtime but, I would recommend sides if having as a main meal; they are £1.50 each.

The beer bottles behind stew are the salt and pepper pot.

The menu offers various stews at either £5.50 or £6.50.

There are fresh oysters which you would not expect in Sheffield which is nowhere near the sea and adds to Kelham island’s coolness.

It is round the corner from the Bhaji shop.

Lunch at Bhaji Cafe, Kelham Island, Sheffield 

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