Reading newspapers: Launch of new I weekend paper

I generally read the metro during the week. On a Sunday I sometimes buy the daily mail. My parents buy the Yorkshire post Mon – Sat so I read that when I’m there. I sometimes read the Sunday times when at my parents and sometimes I buy when lots of time to read like when going on holiday. I sometimes read Guardian lifestyle articles online.

The I have just launched a new weekend newspaper which covers a Saturday and Sunday . I was buying a paper late on Sunday and there were no Daily Mails or Sunday Times so I decided to try it.

It cost 80p. Here is how that compares:

Here is what I thought:


I felt it was a bit lacking as was covering Sat and Sunday so could not be up to date and was a bit superficial.

Life Section

I like a glossy magazine on a Sunday with life stories. The I weekend does not have a glossy section but then, for the price you would not expect that. An advantage of a glossy magazine is being able to read in the bath; the I weekend would be too cumbersome to have in the bath.

Like the gardening jobs for the weekend.

 Games and Puzzles 

When I looked at the jumbo crossword I knew first answer. Fifth single from Life Thru Lens was Let me Entertain you. I think going to try and complete so that could take a while and make paper good entertainment value.

There is three other pages of puzzle.


Culture takes in film and books. There is a page of going out ideas for weekend but by Sunday night that feels too late. It has tv listings for Saturday and Sunday plus tv suggestions for the rest of the week. 


Interesting article about world’ best scenic train rides, guide to weekend in Paris, travel questions and several other articles.

Money and Business

Nothing really grabbed attention here.


By Sunday when most football teams played you do not want to read the ore analysis.

Verdict would I buy again:

It would not be my prerfered choice on a Sunday as would prefer to pay more for a newspaper with glossy magazine.

Because condense so much together some pages can feel very cluttered which does not make want to read.

I would buy on a Sunday like on Sunday bought when late and no Daily Mails or Sunday times.

I would buy it on a Saturday. I did not find it took long to read paper. On Sunday I like chilling with papers but on Saturday like getting more done so I weekend fits in better. I think for a Saturday, it is a good value paper for entertainment.

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