September Overview

Books Digital Fiction 📚 

34 days; Anita Walters- A great book set mostly in Sheffield just 2 years ago; so I could think what I was doing on the dates mentioned.

To the Lighthouse: Virgina Wolfe – Book  club book for October 3. Not much to say about it; appreciated pretty language but hardly anything happened!

The marriage plot

The Marriage Plot

The way you look tonight; Richard Maderley. Read as comparison to his wife Judy Finnagin’s books and decided prefer hers. Judy seems to write, what knows whereas this book was set in 60s America whereas Richard is English. Also main character was female and do not think her voice was realistic.

Digital fiction Stiff Drink by Read my Lips 👄

Read my lips: A Stiff Drink

Theatre 🎭 

Kith and Kin

Desire under the Elms

Another view on Kith and Kin, Desire under the Elms and a picture of Doncaster’s modern theatre.

Film 🎥 

Wind river

Wind River

Blog Posts I have liked (in addition to those reblogged)

Enjoying Pink for Days Question of the Day series.


IKEA the Wonderful Everyday.

Sheffield IKEA Wonderful Everyday launch events #The Wonderful Everyday

Rob Brydon. Felt less material than first time I saw him; there was filling with audience interaction. But also impressions and music 🎶 ; therefore overall an entertaining night.  he went off at end; I thought  he was milking the applause before coming back for the encore. However; it turns out it took him a while because he was getting changed into Elvis, Thought he could have done Elvis better and got audience singing along before leaving feeling good; not that did not feel good.

Coming Up in October


Review of Knife of Never Letting go by Patrick Ness

Karen digital fiction

13th October Yorkshire Pudding Day



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