Whose Space is it Anyway? IKEA Everyday Wonderful signs.

Whose Space Is It Anyway?

“The Wonderful Everyday” is an advertising slogan used by Ikea.  These words have been installed in South Street Park overlooking the railway station.  On the path next to the advertising slogan is the A4 laminated notice presumably attached to the lamp post by the advertising agency working for Ikea.

Many people in Sheffield have enjoyed the spectacle of the wording above the station.  I assume the space in this public park has been rented out to Ikea as part of their promotion for their new store opening in Sheffield this week.  The notice next to the word installation is a little more ominous if not Orwellian.  In order to read the notice members of the public would need to be in the park!  It suggests that simply entering the park they have given consent for an advertising agency to use their image in future Ikea…

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