August overview – update to mention All is Not Forgotton by Wendy Walker 

Ironically I forgot to mention All is not forgotton by Wendy Walker. I guess it did not stick in mind. It has lots of interesting concepts in. The main concept being giving trauma victims; in this case a soldier and rape victim drugs to make them forget trauma. Some concepts maybe felt show horned in, without space for the idea to really be considered. I was unsure about the narrative tone and it was several chapters before knew who the narrator was and I found order of narrative a little strange. Not an awful book, would be interested in what others thought. If you have read see spoiler questions below.

Also please note book deals with rape so some may not want to read this.

Spoiler questions:

What was point making her forget, when everyone around her knew so she would know something had happened?

Did the unreliable narrative work for you in that therapist had known killer was former client and his motive for not telling police?



At start of month, did some comfort reading; family sagas, they could read without thinking too much but good enough to stop thinking too much about anything else:

Bournville Girls

Old Sins

Mersey Queen: Maureen Lee

Then read, in preparation for September Book Club, a tale for the Time Being.

A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki [Book Review] #20booksofsummer Some MINOR SPOILERS

I then whipped through, The Girl before as found it to be a page turner.

Could you live in a house without books? A review of The Girl Before JP Delaney (no spoilers in top post, spoilers in post linked to)

More comfort reading, to end month with The all girl network by Catherine Alliott. It was published in 1994 and was rather dated and unbelievable but passed some time and few laughs.

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