First impressions of A Tale for The Time Being: Ruth Ozeki

When, I came to read; the covers had no description, so did not know what to expect.

I’m up to chapter 4. The first chapter, was in the form of a diary by Japanese girl, Nao. The second chapter was by Ruth who found the diary, it is about about how diary found. Third chapter, Nao diary and 4th back to Ruth’s story post finding the diary. From writing this and typing authors’ name, it clicked the author of book and one of narrators is Ruth, however Ruth’s chapters are wrote third person rather than first person.
I found it strange that the diary had footnotes; who puts footnotes in their diary to explain there references??? Although unlike some diaries Nao is not just writing for herself; she intends for it to be read. In first chapter, when did not know there was another narrator, I thought going back and forth to the footnotes could get annoying. It turns out the footnotes are annotations made by Ruth.

There is a fear that Nao. However, it is strange that although Ruth is worried about Nao’s fate; although she turns to the last page of the diary to see whether book is full, she does not read it. It seems unrealistic, if there was a chance to save Nao, would read it that way. Of course for narrative purposes it works; what will happen to Nao, could the diary be a red herring like in Gone Girl….? 

Even Ruth’s story are educational, with her husband’s explanations of scientific concepts. By end of book will I feel educated or annoyed that pace was slowed down by too much non fiction, taking away from the narrative? 

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