Today 1st August is Yorkshire Day. Six word Sheffield Film story to celebrate.

Happy Yorkshire Day

I live in Sheffield which is in Yorkshire, yet I have never really been aware of it before but became, aware of it due to shops using it to market Yorkshire products. I looked it up, thinking it may be a new thing but apparently, it has been going since 1975. Backing up my thinking, wilkpedia had this quote.

It was started as protest against local government reorganisation in 1974.

Yorkshire Day is the first of August every year because this marks the date when Yorkshire Light infantry was victorious at the battle of Minden in 1759 against the French. It is also the date when the work of William Willberforce who was from Hull in Yorkshire work to abolish slavery was recognised with the introduction  of the abolition of slavery act on 1st August 1933. Unfortunately, Wilberforce just missed this event as he died on 29July1933 but he did know it was going to happen because when the second act to abolish slavery was passed on 26July1933 he was told; perhaps at this stage he felt his work was complete.

Sheffield Film

This week, I entered Sometimes Steller’s six word short story competition  to describe a film and used the following 6 words to describe a Sheffield film.

Demoralised, poor, Sheffield steelworkers become strippers.

The film is the Full Monty. As the story describes, upon redundancy due to closure of steel work factories in Sheffield some of the men desperate to be earning, become strippers. Strippers who perform, the Full monty I.e completely strip. It is a funny film. One day I plan to take pictures of some of the locations in the film. It has also been turned into a play, which I saw in Sheffield and they do end with the Full monty in the theatre. It has been performed in other locations, but do not know if it is as popular else where because lots of Sheffield references. Anyone seen it anywhere else?

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