Thank you  Cheila for Starbucks Voucher; funding  chocolate chip frappacini. Perfect Party Series #9: Sara

Source: Perfect Party Series #9: Sara

Thank you Cheila for your genorosity ans giving me a trip to Starbucks to look forward to. I bought chocolate chip frappacini for myself and sparkling water for my friend and still have some money left.

I do not like coffee so had the frappacini without coffee. It was very chocolately. I would say it was more like chocolate grit then chocolate chips size wise. Aesthetically it was better than chocolate grit! It added an chocolate to crunch.

We drank at Starbucks in orchard square. Which is an area with few shops in.

The Starbucks, can not be seen in this picture; it is just out of shot in the bottom right.

You can go in on ground level, where counter is or from balcony around shop where there is seating, but then you have to go downstairs to buy drinks.

There is seating downstairs but, I thought it was a bit cold to sit outside. So I chose table inside whilst I waited. Below is view from where sat, out to window. I started writing a post for Yorkshire Day tomorrow, whilst I waited for my friend who is very nice but not Cheila.

There were colourful pictures on wall above stairs.

When my friend arrived she said it was sunny so we went to sit outside. We left when we felt spots of rain.

Thank you Chelia 🙂

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