Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge: prompt Parley.

I had to check what parley meant; I could guess it was connected to talking because of knowledge of French and word parliament. But, had to look it up to know for sure. The Colin’s dictionary defines as:
1. variable noun
A parley is a discussion between two opposing people or groups in which both sides try to come to an agreement.
Synonyms: discussion, conference, meeting, talk(s) More Synonyms of parley
2. verb
When two opposing people or groups parley, they meet to discuss something in order to come to an agreement.
[humorous , or informal]
…a place where we meet and parley.
I don’t think you’ve ever tried parleying with Gleed, have you?
Synonyms: discuss, talk, speak, negotiate.

When I read that at weekend,  then I thought about the hung parliament  in England after last week’s election and the talking ‘parley’ that will need to be done to resolve that situation.

However today, had really difficult conversation at work, feeling upset so , wrote this in 30seconds about how I feel. I mention dialogue to try and convey in one word, two way communication. I think sometimes when you have got your point across and they have made theirs , if still no agreement sometimes you just have to accept and walk away rather than embarrassing self further and that is most successful outcome can achieve . Therefore these thoughts condensed came to:

She walked head high; dialogue complete.

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