Open Farm Sunday: Our Cow Molly

An annual nationwide event  in the U.K. I had heard about it before, but never participated. This year I went to Our Cow Molly Farm with a friend and her two year old.

The farm makes Our Cow Molly ice cream. As it has a shop, which sells ice cream you can see parts of Farm anyway. I did not see much more yesterday. I did go into milking parlour briefly where there was talk about process of collecting milk but, that was not of interest of the two year old. Instead he had a ride on back of a tractor and went on a bouncy castle that was there for the day.

The farm is less than 10minures outside Sheffield but in middle of beautiful contryside. There is a bus stop just outside. From city centre can travel very easily to Hillsbough then change in to Bradfirld bus. Worth going for views and ice cream. We all had a cone each. I had  a scoop of wild cherry and one of salted cameral; lovely! I would probably of bought a tub of ice cream to take home but, we left in rush when 2 year old fell from park structure. 

Mixed messages on signs

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