What’s the most you can say with just one word? Can you tell a story with 6 words?

If a picture can tell a thousand words, because of what it evokes how many words and a dash of imagination is needed to tell a story? 

The right 6 words can tell a story. Hemmingway proved that ( see reblogged artice) Yes, it does not tell you everything and can be interpreted different ways; has a baby died? Or were shoes born for a perspective baby that was never conceived? Or were the shoes bought and tucked away and forgotten about them remembered when they were too small for the baby. But being able to have your own theories adds to the fun of reading.

Maybe sometimes a picture is needed to help tell the story. On it’s own what does ‘Some see weeds, some see wishes’ conjure in the mind?

Can a story be told in less then 6 words? In my head when I think along these lines I start singing ‘What’s the most you can say in just one word’ I think perhaps I’m paraphrasing Bryan Adam’s inside out where the actual lyric is ‘What’s the most you have said in just one word?’ Perhaps the first time a story is told, it needs more words but, once you know the story it can be condensed down; like the article reblogged talks, about summarising films in 6 words; once watched. Or a commedian can condense a story down, so that it becomes a catchphrase. After seeing Rhod Gilbert’s talk a few times about duvet tog ratings then if I was with him; just him saying tog would have me laughing.  Similar people close , can tell an in joke with very few words. Or lovers can tell a say so much, in brief texts and some imagination!

With the picture is more said here than above? Thank you, Small town rambler for the phrase. 


Once you know the context, you can bring the picture up yourself and just the 6 words are enough.

So that’s stories, how many words does a song need….

Songs with few words

Finally the article with examples  of 6 word stories and tips how to write them.

6 words
Source: Have You Entered The Six Word Story Challenge?


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