Mental Health Awareness Month May: Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Psychosis

Mental Health awareness Month

There was also an article in the Guardian about post partum psychosis.


Of all the types of depression to have, it seems to me that Postpartum Depression is one of the saddest. Here you are with a new baby and everyone expects you to be happy. You expect yourself to be happy. So why aren’t you?

Few things change your life as much as parenthood. Your life, in many ways, is no longer your own. The days of living for yourself are over. There’s a new little life depending on you, and that can feel overwhelming. You may even feel a little resentful that nothing will ever be the same. You are no longer just “you.” You are now also “Mom.”

Your body needs to heal from the pregnancy and birth, but you can’t get enough sleep because you have to care for your baby. Your hormones are fluctuating, and your breasts and groin are sore. It’s no wonder you feel depressed!

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