Washed Up Car-Go

Think I was a bit underwhelmed by the cars when I visited as part of Good Friday day out. But now it is pointed out it is amazing,  how got all sand in with doors and window closed. Maybe front window was taken out then put back  when all sand in?

Hull City of Culture: Good Friday day out


Amelia in Hull

Hey guys!! So last Saturday after we’d been to theHull Minster Making and Hanse Day Events, we went over to the Deep which is Hull’s very own Aquarium and we went over to look at the cars in the car park that are part of the ‘Washed Up Car-Go’ event. The ‘Washed Up Car-Go event is basically 3 ordinary looking cars in the Deep car park filled with sand, rocks and anything that’s to do with the beach or the sea. The cars play quite romantic music and display a film on a screen and ‘Washed Up Car-Go’ actually touches on issues such as pollution, consumeration and the tradition of marine art all through the films and plastic objects inside the cars. In today’s blog post, I’m going to be describing ‘Washed Up Car-Go’ to you all and giving you my opinion on it.

‘Washed Up Car-Go’ was…

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