Anne Boleyn, Women’s Martyr

The anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s death which occurred as she bore a daughter not a son. Up untill 2015 in UK younger males had rights to royal throne over older sisters: This was changed in 2015 before Prince William had his first child. However as Prince William’s oldest child (George) is a boy, for while this change is unlikely to make a difference. But a change in law before Anne Boleyn’s time, could have made a big change. If King Henry had respected women could rule then he could have changed that law rather than breaking with Rome.

Histories and Mysteries


On May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and second wife of King Henry VIII, was executed by beheading, after being held prisoner in the Tower of London for four days and declared guilty of high treason.  The formal charges against her were adultery, incest and plotting to kill the king.  (Most historians agree these were bogus accusations.) However, Anne’s actual crime was miscarrying two babies and not being able to provide a male heir to succeed King Henry.

As we know, Anne had given birth to a daughter named Elizabeth who later became queen, one of the strongest monarchs ever to rule Great Britain. King Henry, of course, would never live to see this. Henry, in his quest to bear legitimate male heirs, notoriously married six times, broke with the Catholic Church and changed the trajectory of Great Britain’s future. He divorced two of his wives (Catherine of…

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