Book Scavanger 2

A book with letter Z in title or author’s name.

A book that was passed to me by someone who was given it, as a secret Scrooge. It looks like it was originally at Aberdeen library.

No intention of reading all 100 having, already battled through some of the author’s books including Donna Tartt and Angela Carter.

A Classic 

Do not really go for classics, but this is a puffin classic.

Oldest book on shelf

Depends whether first written or one I have had longest which is hard to remember.

I have picked this book which had as child and was second hand then so held together by selotape.

Book with key on cover

I’m not sure whether this is a key or not, but can not find anything better. It has definitely got a door on the cover. It is a book written partly by Cherie Booth; who was married to Tony Blair about the experiences of spouses of British prime minster’s before herself.

Book with animal on cover

Following on from, Roald Dahl giant peach, a adult Ronald Dahl book of short stories with a pig on cover.

A book with a girl on the cover

A to be read. Read other Diane Chsmberlin; good for holidays; so maybe this will end up being a holiday read.

A book with star on cover

A book with gold lettering

Something on shelf which is not a book

Ballerina my parents bought me in Spain.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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