Where do the poll results quoted on news come from….

My experience being picked to take part in a poll and my opinion on an early election in the U.K.

Sometimes you wonder where the sample came from. Well in one instance I was one of the sample.

I randomly got a text supppsdly from sky news. 

I said b. So they will probably use that as a vote against another election. But actually I do want another election and another referendum on Europe. I believe it is needed because so many people voted leave in protest, wanting change even though they did not want to actually leave. That protest is now acknowledged. Therefore I would like another refendrum where people can. Ore will facts about consequences of voting leave or remain.  Therefore it is not correct to say I did not want an election.

However, I do not want an election as early as June. I think opposition parties need more time to prepare in order to be affective opposition. 

Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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