Why Mental Health Matters at Work – Depression in the Workplace

Per my previous post this shows how the later mental health issues are left untreated the worse the problem can become. A diagram in this shows cost of initial therapy in America compared to costs for if leads to other problems such as hospitalisation and prison sentences. It does not mention cost of homelessness but definitely whatever the cost finicially it is best for everyone not least individuals coping with mental health issues to receive help before lose job and home. Unfortunatly one factor in increase homelessness in UK is cuts to mental health budgets.

Green River College

Depression is often a topic that goes unspoken and it’s time to start talking openly about depression so people can feel empowered to seek help if needed.  Many people suffer in silence, afraid of the stigma associated with depression but depression is like any other treatable medical condition. Risk Factors

Everyone goes through a variety of moods throughout the day. You might be happy one minute and angry about something a few hours later. But depression involves a consistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest, and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Approximately one in ten working-age people will experience depression, that’s millions of people and most don’t even realize they are depressed.  They might think “I’m just in a fog” or “having a bad day.”  If those bad days start accumulating you might be depressed. Other symptoms may include trouble making decisions, lack of interest in…

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