Wonderwall: York walls and walks (cats and other animals)

City Walls

York has had city walls since Roman times and it has more complete city walls than any other English city. There is about 2miles of walls to walk round in York. From the walls the York minster and pretty gardens can be seen.


Many walls and roofs in the city have cats on them which is a tradition since medival times to ward off evil spirits, rats and mice and bring luck to York residents. Try looking up to see or if you want help go to York Lucky cats at 34 Shambles and pick up a trial map. The map directs you around 9 cats and back to the shop as part of a mini (kitten trial) which takes about 30minutes). The first 9 includes this realistic cat following a pigeon.

You can then continue to find including first 9 a total of 22+ cats. There is 22+ cats because there is a fewcat shops along way; cats protection shop, the cat gallery on Low Petergate and the lucky cat shop itself which come back to at end of mini and full trial. Also during trial you see Golden Lion and Red Lion pubs.

The full tour including the first 9 takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending upon how lost you get. The most lost we got was by deviating onto the city walls at High Petergate CLUE the trial does not take you on the city walls. It is however a free, fun way to spend time in the city.

We also got a little confused between cats 16 and 17. The instructions stated go back to bridge and turn right then left into Coney Street. I think what it missed was when got to bridge needed to cross road and down to other side of bridge on same side of river then do the right then left to get to Coney Street.

I think there should be bonus points for spotting a real life cat in York; I did not achieve that.

Animal walks

You could wander around spotting animals. In addition to all the cats; there are numerous pubs related to animals: red and golden lion, 3 cranes, 3 tuns, swans, nags head and horse heads on Watergste Inn and pub opposite it. There was even a a sculptural dog cocking it’s leg outside an establishment on Low Petergate.

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