Hidden Figures Film and food at Showroom Sheffield

History has many largely unknown aka ‘hidden figures’ that have played their part in history and some have battled against the odds to achieve. This film is about 3 women and Africain Americian women at that and their part in John Glen’s orbit of the Earth, a which was a battle due to it being 1961 and NASA in America at the time was dominated by white males. Although based on real women, the film mixes up the facts however without adding Hollywood glamour. There is many scenes if calculations being performed. Therefore if you want captivating entertainment you many find better ways to spend 2 hours 7minutes of your life. If you want accurate facts about these women their names can be googled: Katherine Goble, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan.

I would recommend to those who are interested in space rather than those interested in the feminist/ race aspect. Also I would recommend to anyone that are big fans of Kevin Costner or Jim Parsons. Or anyone who just wants to see Jim Parson playing a different role to Sheldon in the Big Bang. I found it fairly easy viewing, but that may have been aided by my half a bottle of red before hand.

The bottle of red was part of the two mains, film for two and a bottle of wine option at the Showroom. The option is £40 to members and £35 for non members. With cinema tickets costing £8.50, mains costing £12 the wine is basically free for non members and of course deal for members is even better. I had delicious salmon on a bed of tasty squid ink risotto with a few Hilo hoop sized calamaries scattering the plate.

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