Love Actually Take 2

I have good memories of watching Love Actually the first time. I watched it in Wimbledon. I had a real feel good feeling, walking through London’s Christmas lights after watching a film about London at Christmas time. My only Christmas, living in London; exciting!

I do not watch many films, so it is rare I see one twice. I chose to watch Love Actually for a second time because of my memories of the first time and because on 24th Mar for Red Nose Day there is a ten minute sequelae.

Red Noses

 I was not blown away with it the second time but, it was pleasant to watch. As I watched it pre Gavin and Stacey, I had not realised both Joanna Paige who plays Stacey and Julia Davis who plays Gavin’s parent’s friend Dawn, are in Love Actually.


I did wonder why there was a new prime minister in November / December not May when elections usually take place. The attraction between Natalie and the prime minster David seems quite weak and it is not really convincing why he feels the need to go and visit her home. Also how in it’s post nine eleven setting was the boy allowed to run through all the airport security? Maybe it is best to watch films once in the cinema and just go with the flow?

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