Diamonds, herons and swinging.

Amsterdam Highlights

Sign spotted on the street near Albert Coup market.

Nearby around about the fish stall.  of Albert Coup, herons can be spotted on the street.

As for sex, I visited the red light district museum for an insight into the area.

I managed to try on various diamond rings as part of a tour of the Gassen diamond factory. An exelirating experince to be up close with thousands of euros worth of diamonds.

Also saw some filming, although do not know what of.

I covevered the usual sites of canals, tulips at flower market which was smaller than expected, canal bridges with bikes lent against and the one windmill in Amsterdam. I saw three of the I Amsterdam signs and a sparkly I Amsterdam bench.

Bookcase to where Anne Frank hid

I sampled the cheese in shops and  visted the Heineken experience. In fact the Heineken experince was several experiences in one; a lesson in how to drink Heineken, shooting a rugby goal on virtual screen, practice pouring a pint and culminating with Heineken on their roof top terrace.

Finally the swinging; one of the newest Amsterdam attractions called the lookout. A lift complete with light show takes you to the inside deck which is floor to ceiling glass. There are comfy seats to sit and admire the view, and a bar. Unfortunately although bar sells tea and coffee, it does not sell hot chocolate.

Up a flight of stairs takes you to the sky deck. Then there are swings which are Europes highest.

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