Round up of 1st day of Lent 1st March

Amount collected total: 75p

I have collected 5p per possible homeless person I saw. Most were people sitting down as if someone is just wandering around how do you know whether they are homeless. Also did some of the people I saw at least have a hostel place for the night.

After I left work at about 5 I saw the following.

1.Sat on a step by the hole in the the road outside Waitrose I saw a man eating with a small rucksack and another bag. How do you judge whether someone is homeless or just sat in a random place to eat? For the purposes of this I will count this.

2. There was someone selling big issue outside Orchard square.

3. There was someone sitting with a sleeping bag outside Sainsbury’s on the moor.

4. There was someone sat with a mouth organ outside Sainsbury’s on the high street (near the cathedral).

5. Someone asked me for change on the Moor.

6. A manwith legs in sleeping bag next to Yorkshire bank cash machines on Castlegate.

7.There was a man Heavon nails just up from the British Heart Foundation shop that is opposite Debenhams.

About 7:

8. A man asleep half sat up in a sleeping bag outside British Heart Foundation shop on Arrundal gate, however he was not there when I walked past again about 9.15.

9 and 10 two men sitting separately on Division st.

11. Asked for change by one man walking down Division Street with a sleeping bag round his neck.

12. A man sat with legs laid out on a bench again did he have accommodation issues or was he just resting?

13. A lady sat in one of the tunnels of the hole in the road by Waitrose.

Coming out of the Lyceum about 9.15.

14. A man sat in Tudar square.

15. Asked for change by someone as left Tudar square.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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