Imitation Game Review

A good story that makes you want to know more; part of it being a good story ,is that it is based on the true story of Alan Turing and him cracking the Enigma code at Bletchley Park, which was the headquarters for code breakers during the 2nd world war. His efforts  allowed English military to intercept German military messages which is thought to have shortened the war.

The start in 1953 is rather slow before rewinding to Turing’s interview at Bletchley Park, which in my mind would have been a more powerful opening scene. The interview at Bletchley park establishes Turing’s character and introduces the seemingly undeafeatable Enigma machine with it’s complex codes that changes daily. In addition to flashing forward to the 50s, the film also  flashes back as far as Turing’s school days where he falls in love for the first time with Christopher. In the intolerant times of the 50s this preference for men established in childhood,  led to arrest and trail in 1952 for indecency and later his death by cyanide in 1954. The flash back and forwards brings in this sub plot to the breaking of the enigma code.

The film does impart that Turing had a dramatic life, however I do not feel it does it in a poignant way. Rather than the film saying a thousand words, it is left to captions at the end to make the points about the impact of cracking Enigma and the brain lost with his suicide. Although I thought the story, could have been told better, it was enjoyable viewing. Keira Knightly brought her role to life, for me Cumberbatch brought Turing  to life less so.


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