Tips for viewing Amy Johnson’s moths

Butterfly net out; to catch Amy Johnson Inspired Moths

  • Not all the moths are in Hull; there is one in Sheffield, Kent and London as well as several in East Riding Beverley.
  • The moths are insitu until end of March when they are auctioned.
  • Download the moth app to help, check them off by zapping QR codes and it also helps to navigate to them. For navigation purposes, maps of the moth trial can also be collected from the station.
  • The moths are categorised as either city centre, Hull suburbs, East Riding or national.
  • It is possible to walk around all 26 city centre moths plus the moving moth under national moths which is at the Mercure until the end of March. It takes about 4 to 4.5 hours.
  • Given another hour or two moths between city centre and Hawthorn road could also be collected on foot. Beyohbd that a car is possibly needed.
  • If you want to check off all the moths on the app in the city centre, then you need to visit Tuesday to Friday. As the the History centre which hosts one of the moths, is only open then and first and third Saturday of the month.


Also Learn to fly is within an office car park with gates that may be locked so daytime in week recommended for this one too although I was able to visit on a Sunday. With gates locked, moth can be partially seen by QR code can not be zapped.


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