Top 5 Large Elephants (Children’s Hospital Trail Sheffield 2016)

5. Start by cheating with a double entry: great to see elephant’s featuring Sheffield landmarks: Our City our Home and In It Together.


4. The Elephant in the Hive for it’s vivid colour.


3. Inside out. The full impact did not immediately hit me as I saw her during a session running round the city zapping elephants on the app. It was the second time that I noticed and admired the baby elephant inside the Mother to be that my appreciation grew for Inside Out.

2. Inconelly I could see this one from a distance as I approached Fargste, shining in the sun. Given his conienent location, he has receive do several oats from me, when I have been passing. I have also had some fun trying to take pictures in the reflection.

It was interesting to learn about the material he is made from; inconel which, is made by Sheffield company Pressure Technologies. Apparently this super alloy of chromium and iron is very hard wearing so I would be happy to have him in my garden sparking for years to come. Where is he now?

I saw all the big and mini Sheffield elephants; but where are they now????


1. Another one that was in a convient place for me to visit often over summer was Interst Elephant. As soon I saw him, I was drawn to him because of his bright colours. Up close there was features to see all over; from the different rockets blasting off, either side of the trunk to the stars, space ships all over his body and legs. The earth was centeral on his body with a rocket 🚀  above and an astronaught space walking out of the rocket.

What is / are your favourites?

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